The KGI Collective is a brand marketing platform. We are a network of independent storytellers, communicators, strategists, and creative executives that help clients, their organization, their business, their products and their services create compelling stories and creative solutions that help energize and bring their brands to life.

Who We Are

As a networking group we can impart over 75 years of combined experience creating award-winning, multi-platform creative solutions for a variety of industries from world-leading national entertainment, sports, and media brands to major Long Island healthcare, aerospace, construction, tech, utilities, retail companies, to startups and not-for-profit organizations.

What Makes Us Different

We all operate our separate businesses from the heart of Long Island, but through our extensive network of best-in-class resources we can pull together virtual teams of creative directors, art directors, designers, copywriters, programmers, and production specialists to address client needs for all things; Digital, Web, Print, Video, TV, Exhibit, Experiential and Social. This collective network enables our companies to be nimble, flexible, and efficient and afford clients access to top-agency resources and big solutions with attention to detail at the most cost effective price points.


Kim Poulos Lieberz

25+ years as founder and CEO of KGI Design Group. Passionate. Strategic. Philanthropic. Connector. Creative. Leader. Team Builder.

Pete Aguanno

C-Suite Executive Creative Director at Hammer Haus with an eye for excellence. Multi-disciplined. Client Relations Specialist. Business Founder. Fisherman. Dreamer.

Diane Dobler

30+ years of executive creative experience. Business Founder of ME3 Design. über detail oriented. Creative beyond imagination. Artist. Runner.

Additional Strategic Alliances

Ritma Sood
Cutting edge Web, App and Database executive. Owner of Artiems Software Development. Complex Systems Developer. Global. Technical Team Leader. Efficiency expert. Organized. Precise.

Matt Stanton
Award winning Brooklyn-based cinematographer and editor. Director of photography. Production and post-production. Voice through video. Experiential and social storyteller.

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